Kindergarten ESC Programme

English Special Class – Kindergarten Classroom

The English Special Class (ESC) in Kindergarten 1-3 is the Programme designed to match with language learning theory. It is believed that all children are naturally born with a Language Acquisition Device (LAD) attached to their brain. This device helps children from birth to age 6 years in learning all languages the same way. They are raised in an environment where local language is used to hear and to listen to people surrounding them. A child is able to use the language by imitating what they hear such as pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. When the child uses it wrong, there must be someone to correct them and the child can learn language by natural means and learn many languages at the same time. Also, LAD will be less active when they grow older, especially in learning a second language by children who use first language extensively (Chomsky, Noam –1965).

English language environment for English learners is not very wide in Thai society.  People do not use English in family settings or in public places.  So, it is the school’s responsibility to provide foreign language environment to Kindergarten students as much as possible so that they can learn the second language along with their mother tongue. However, teaching English for 1-2 times/week is not enough to help students gain good knowledge of English. Kajonkiet School Group therefore offers English Special Class (ESC) programme in which students are taught in English and they learn English with native speakers for 11 periods per week. Also, students will be taught a variety of subjects in English so that they are able to learn different vocabularies from everyday activities.

– English 7 periods

– Math 2 periods

– Art 1 period

– Computer 1  period

In addition, students in all classrooms will also have a native teacher as a classroom teacher who will join in all daily activities. Therefore, students will have opportunities to listen and to speak English with a native speaker in true outside classroom experience. Kindergarten ESC Classroom is the right foundation for teach English to students in the way of listening, speaking, reading and writing in order to prepare them for higher education.