Primary ESC Programme

Special English Class (ESC) Classroom: Primary Level

English Special Class (ESC) in Primary level is the programme that focuses on development of students’ English skills. At this level, We concentrate on listening, speaking, reading and writing. However, providing the students the opportunities only to acquire knowledge of English vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and practicing only in the classroom is inadequate to effectively boost their language skills. Therefore, ESC classroom in primary level provides opportunities for students to use English as a learning tool in a variety of subjects for a total of 11 periods per week.

– English 7 periods

– Math 2 periods

– Art 1 period

– Computer 1 period

Students will be able to use their knowledge of English that they have acquired from studying English as a learning tool in other subjects. Students need to use listening, writing, reading and presentation skills to communicate with native teachers in various subjects. When students are able to use English as a learning tool, their ability to use language skills will be much improved. Furthermore, vocabulary usage is also broadened from the additional content in the course. Therefore, English is not just knowledge that students acquire but it is a skill that they can apply in daily life.

Also, interaction with native teachers who act as class teachers can help students to use English in true outside classroom experience.  This is learning by experiencing in real environment. Hence, English learning in this programme is not only limited into classroom but it is used as a learning tool both inside and outside of the classroom.