KP Star

Kajonkiet’s KS Star

KS Star rooms for P.4 – P.6 is the aim to develop the student’s skills and competencies in Science and Math. This programme is provided to meet learners’ and parents’ needs for advanced preparation in these subjects. Students who wish to join the Star Room must pass the test and will be selected by after considering 20% of GPA in Science and Math and 80% of the KS star entrance test score.

Students who join the group will be specially drilled in the following areas:

  1. Academic Area: Students will be taught Mathematics and Science for two more additional periods per week. This is to provide opportunities for students and encourage them to take initiatives in order to gain more knowledge and practice various skills such as critical thinking, experimenting, analyzing and synthesizing in areas of their interest.
  2. Academic Competition: Students will be encouraged to participate in Mathematics and Science competitions and talent tests at different levels such as school level, provincial level, national level as well as international level.
  3. Extra Activities to Support the Curriculum: Students will at least participate in Math camp and Science camp activities in a semester including field trip to various places both in and out of Phuket in order to explore the new.

However, Star student’s in ESC class will continue using English with all other student’s as their medium of learning and studying for 11 periods per week. Using English as medium of learning is based on the teaching and learning approach in Kajonkiet School Group that enables students to use English as a tool and foundation for further studies in all disciplines.