Enrolment Process

Enrolment Process

Step 1 : Parents/Guardians contact school seeking study details, educational syllabus and study programme and student fees.

Step2 : Parents/guardians fill up application form and submit all relevant student information to school according to the following details:

1.Child Birth Certificate

2.Photocopy of parent’s/guardian’s house registration and Identification card

3.Photocopy of certification of Name/Surname change (if any)

4.A one-inch student photo.

Remarks *** If parent/guardian is an expat, please provide school a photocopy of passport as evidence.

Step3 : Parent/guardian shall make payment by transferring school fee to school account as specified.

Step4: Parent/guardians shall submit transfer slip to school administrator to issue a receipt as evidence.


Age Regulation
Academic Year 2017

Kindergarten Primary
Year Age Year Age
Pre-K 2 P.1 6
K.1 3 P.2 7
K.2 4 P.3 8
K.3 5 P.4 9
P.5 10
P.6 11