Our school campus at Chao Fa West Road, Phuket, offers an impressive range of facilities available to Kindergarten and Primary – academic, sporting, cultural and leisure.


Computer Room

Kindergarten students will able to learn to practice left and right hand muscle/how to use computer equipments/how to use different shapes/drawings, cartoons and color/practice more difficult coloring programs/practice typing numbers, letters and keyboard/drawing based on their imagination/developmental fundamental games.  There will be relaxation activities taught by Thai teacher and expat teacher.


Art Room

Children enjoy learning arts in a group and work together. They are happy to practice drawing lines, painting and coloring based on their imagination.


KLC  (Kindergarten Learn Center)

KLC Classroom is a center for children to learn and perceive various professional careers/impersonation or mimicry by wearing animal head masks/hypnotherapy/enriching their daily life, healthcare, habits and equipments for playing games that encourage development of children, such as storytelling, singing by using English language for communication. These will be taught by expat teachers.


Music Room

This is to boost your child’s intellect, perception and concentration in order to develop their brain function in both the left and the right hemispheres. Music will encourage your children to gain more happiness and aesthetics in their emotion as well as courage to express themselves both at school and outside.



Children will spend their time in the library happily to gain knowledge by learning various kinds of books such as moral fairy tales, creativity fairy tales, classical story and comic books as well as Thai children’s books. This class will be supervised and taught by expat teacher and Thai teacher.



This will encourage your children’s development by playing and exercising with safe playthings. The playground is not only safe but also there is artificial grass and colorful equipments so that children can enjoy and have fun while being supervised by Thai teacher and expat teacher.