Welcome messages

President of Kajonkiet School Group


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for your interest in our School. I would like to welcome you to the Kajonkiet Pattana School Website. I have dedicated 60 years of my work in consistently developing the quality of education we impart and make our school recognized by our community in Phuket and nearby provinces.

Kajonkiet Pattana School offers both Thai and ESC (English Special Class) Programmes under the Basic Education Core Curriculum B.E 2008 of Thai Ministry of Education. Our school will continue to cater to your children’s needs of strong fundamental education especially in English. Your children will be able to communicate and interact in English with confidence in daily life. Our staff and teachers will take care of them as family by encouraging their academic pursuits and assist them in becoming critical thinkers based on their own characteristics and transcend boundaries and yet maintain their Thai identity.

You are welcome to visit our school to see our learning and teaching management and the school environment. Come join us and become members of the Kajonkiet Family.

Ms. Thidaporn Laoviseskul

Vice President of Kajonkiet School Group


From our hearts

The pride of our school is that we are not only a place where the students come to study lessons but we are the family. With our vision to provide an education based on a Thai identity for the purpose of developing the community that proves our determination to become a true qualified education provider.

Mr. Permsak Kaskul

Vice President of Kajonkiet School Group


“Build Virtue, Excel in Education and Develop Thai Society”

This is the school motto and this will be our foremost commitment to our students. I welcome all of you to Kajonkiet campus and thank you for trusting us always to take care of your children.

Mr. Permkiet Ketkul

School Advisor


Our school builds the foundation for students in order for them to grow and improve their physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, and social well-being on the basis of their individual capabilities.

We prepare the students from beginner to advanced level of learning, in order for the students to become qualified individuals in the future.

The school has 2 programmes for parents to choose.

We have Thai programme which uses the Thai Ministry of Education’s curriculum. Another programme is Thai programme with additional English classes (English Special Class or ESC) in which the students will be able to learn with native speakers. The students can listen, understand, and speak English since kindergarten.

At present, we have expanded our branches to all areas of the city to facilitate the parents in each area. This includes Chaofah, Kathu, Rawai, Chengtalay, Paklok, Thalang and Khokkloy areas.

We can reassure you that your children will be cared for with love and good will.


Ms. Pimphan Yorsangrat

Deputy Director


Education for youth is akin to preparing children with various learning skills and inculcating in them a thorough understanding of the society and how to live happily. Kajonkietpattana School is an option for parents/guardians who have entrusted us with the responsibility to continually educate their Children. They have faith and trust in the quality of education we impart and the solid foundation we provide their children that enables them to continue pursing higher education.


I thank you all for trusting us in managing the quality of your children’s education. Our success in all departments is a result of the dedication and show of support for various school activities from parents/guardians.


Ms. Orapan  Kerdphol